Frankie Benka Photography
3D models
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mono panorama

mono craters

sierra rainbow

mono lake

mono lake sand tufa

mono lake

sierra autumn

lee vining winter

mono lake sunset

mono lake

mono lake winter

sierra winter

prospector's cabin

mono lake evening

sierra winter


mono lake

mono lake

mono tufa

mono lake

mono storm

bald mountain log cabin

sierra sunrise

mono lake

sierra sunset

sierra sunrise

yosemite falls

mammoth mountain

sierra flowers

mono craters moonrise

sierra in winter

mono avocets

mono lake boardwalk

mono lake sunrise

mono lake

mono lake tufa

mono lake

mono craters with sagebrush

alpine forest

bodie ghost town

storm from bald mountain

devil's postpile




tuolumne meadows

deer in yosemite

jeffrey pine cone

black point

ellery lake

lee vining panorama

mono morning

mono winter


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